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Explore the world of the Emerald Canopy, read the tales and meet the characters that combine to form this imagined world.

Mezereon & The Dragon

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Copywriting & Content Marketing

Great Marketing Collateral for Your Projects

Website copywriting for busy business owners who want to put their content-marketing, SEO copywriting and blogging on autopilot. Mike Percy provides engaging, well-researched articles with fast turnaround and full support for sharing across social media and in newsletters to deliver maximum impact.

Image Creation: Tyto the Barn Owl inside a barn at sunset

Photography & Image Creation

Great Visual Content for Your Projects

With a mix of photography, graphic design and AI prompt engineering, Mike Percy creates all kinds of captivating visual content for your website and printed materials. Check out the portfolio to see a mix of client works and discover the skill and style of Mike Percy creations.

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Let me write engaging LinkedIn and Indeed recruiting copy for you, to hook the best talent and land the perfect candidates.

Engaging Content for Your Website or Blog

Visitors are drawn to your website by the quality of the copy and it’s more likely they’ll convert if they find what they’re looking for.

Website copywriting from Mike Percy provides engaging, well-researched and SEO optimised articles that will help you put your content creation on autopilot.

Dependable Website Copywriting

A reliable, dependable website copywriting solution for your business.

Website Copywriting is an SEO and marketing service with fast turnaround, engagingly written articles with strong research that are easy on the eye and tailored to suit your bespoke needs.

From the Mike Percy Blog

The importance of bees and close-up pictures of honey bees gathering pollen

Honey Bees Gathering Pollen

Reading Time: 4 minutes
Discover the fascinating lives of honey bees and other essential pollinators. This comprehensive learning resource covers their biology, ecosystem services, evolution, threats they face, and why protecting bees needs to be a top priority globally.

The Rainforest Journey of the Emerald and Gold Bird

Reading Time: 2 minutes
Join us on a captivating journey through the rainforest with an emerald and gold bird. As it braves the rain and navigates the dense foliage in search of food for its young, we’re reminded of the resilience and beauty of nature.
Tyto the Barn Owl

Tyto the Barn Owl

Reading Time: 3 minutes
Meet Tyto the Barn Owl. Tyto is not a photograph. He is a digital art piece created by the AI illustrators at AIO Spark. The level of realism here is striking, and it’s a testament to the team’s talents at utilizing AI tools to craft imagery such as this.