The Emerald Canopy - Mezereon and The Dragon

Mezereon & The Dragon | Backstory IV: The Emerald Canopy

The Emerald Canopy, a sprawling forest with trees older than time itself, is steeped in deep history. Its ancient roots are home to countless tales of nature’s harmony and strife, of mythical beings and common creatures, all woven into its timeless narrative.

The forest began as a mere seed of life, sprung from the heart of the earth. Over thousands of years, it grew and spread, its verdant arms reaching out to cover vast swathes of land. The first inhabitants were simple creatures—small mammals, birds, and insects—but as the forest expanded and diversified, larger animals made the Emerald Canopy their home.

The Emerald Canopy

The forest, in its early centuries, was a wild, untamed place. Survival was the only law, and the creatures lived according to nature’s brutal rhythm of life and death. Yet, amid the chaos, there was balance, a natural order that allowed the Emerald Canopy to thrive.

In the heart of the forest stood the Oldest Oak, a tree as ancient as the forest itself. Its deep-set roots held the wisdom of the ages, and its sprawling branches sheltered countless generations of forest dwellers. The Oldest Oak was seen as a symbol of the forest’s enduring spirit, its silent strength a testament to the trials and triumphs the forest had weathered.

As time flowed on, the Emerald Canopy witnessed the rise and fall of many creatures. It was here that the first dragons took flight, their fiery breath painting the dawn and dusk skies. Their reign, though marked with power and respect, gradually faded into the annals of history, leaving Nerys as the last of her kin.

Through the centuries, the forest saw periods of peace and discord, growth and decay, prosperity and hardship. Yet, through every high and low, the Emerald Canopy persisted, its resilience echoing in the rustle of its leaves and the whispers of its ancient trees.

The Emerald Canopy was not just a forest; it was a living, breathing chronicle of history. Its emerald leaves held tales of heroism and bravery, of friendship and unity. Its sapphire brooks murmured stories of love and loss, of hope and despair. Every creature, every tree, every stone was a part of its grand narrative.

The coming of Mezereon and the fulfilment of the prophecy marked another significant chapter in the history of the Emerald Canopy. Their story, a tale of unity and courage, added a new depth to the forest’s lore, symbolizing a period of renewed harmony and peace. The Emerald Canopy stood tall and proud, its roots deep in the past, its branches reaching out towards the future, nurturing the lives within it and the stories yet to unfold.

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