Mezereon & The Dragon IV: Nerys and Humans

Nerys, the last dragon, harbored complex feelings towards humans. She was as old as the forest itself and had seen the changing relationship between the forest and humanity over the centuries.

In the ancient times, when humans were just another creature finding their footing in the world, Nerys saw them live in harmony with the forest. They respected its rules, understood its rhythms, and revered its might. The humans of those times were hunters and gatherers, living off the land yet ensuring they did not disturb the balance of the forest. Nerys saw wisdom in these humans and held a sense of kinship with them.

As centuries rolled by, humans evolved, and so did their relationship with nature. They began to wield tools, build structures, and modify the land to suit their needs. While some of these changes were harmless, others disrupted the delicate balance of the Emerald Canopy. Forests were cut, rivers redirected, and animals hunted for more than just food. Nerys saw these acts with sadness and growing concern, her heart aching at the sight of her beloved forest being harmed.

Yet, she also saw humans who respected the forest. Forest dwellers who still followed the old ways, rangers who protected the forest from harm, and children who looked at the forest with wonder-filled eyes. These humans reminded her of the ancient times, sparking a glimmer of hope in her heart.

Over time, Nerys developed a sense of caution towards humans. She knew they held the power to both protect and destroy. She hoped they would learn to respect the forest, to understand that they were a part of it, not apart from it. She saw potential in them, for both great harm and great good.

Despite her wariness, she did not hate humans. She saw them as another creature of the world, capable of change, capable of growth. Just like Mezereon, the young stag she guided, she believed humans, too, could learn, adapt, and live in harmony with the forest. It was a hope she clung to, a dream she nurtured in the deepest corners of her ancient heart.

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