Nerys The Dragon - Mezereon

Mezereon & The Dragon | Backstory III: Nerys

Nerys, the iridescent dragon, was as ancient as the Emerald Canopy itself. Her past was a tapestry of countless tales woven across the vast expanse of time.

Nerys was born amid the whispers of the ancient trees, under the watchful eyes of a thousand twinkling stars. She was the last of her kind, the final dragon to grace the skies of the Emerald Canopy. With each passing century, she watched as her kin slowly disappeared, falling into the realm of myth and legend. Despite her solitude, she remained steadfast, becoming a guardian of the forest and its inhabitants.


In her youth, Nerys was fiery and headstrong, her spirit as wild as the wind that carried her through the endless skies.

She revelled in her freedom, soaring high above the canopy, her laughter mingling with the rustling of the leaves.

Yet, she was also a creature of wisdom and foresight, understanding the intricate balance of the forest’s life.

She witnessed the ebb and flow of life in the forest, the perpetual dance of predator and prey, the quiet rhythm of the changing seasons. Nerys bore witness to countless joys and tragedies, the beginning and end of many lives. Each experience molded her, deepening her wisdom, and enhancing her empathy towards the creatures she was destined to guard.

It was during a century of peace that Nerys first heard the prophecy, whispered by the ancient tree, the Oldest Oak. The prophecy of a stag destined for greatness, and a dragon who would guide him. From that day forth, she waited, her heart heavy with the burden of the prophecy, her spirit hopeful for the promise it held.

Years turned into decades, and decades into centuries, until she finally encountered Mezereon. In his eyes, she saw the spark of destiny. The prophecy was no longer a distant promise; it had taken the form of a young, inquisitive stag. It was then that Nerys realized that her vast past and all its accumulated wisdom was not merely her own, but a legacy she was meant to pass on.

Nerys’s past was a testament to her timeless existence, her undying spirit, and her enduring will. She was more than a dragon; she was a piece of the Emerald Canopy’s history, an echo of the past, a guardian of the present, and a beacon for the future.

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