Maximillian Stroud

Mezereon & The Dragon V: Maximillian Stroud

The businessman who brought havoc to the Emerald Canopy was named Maximilian Stroud, often known by his peers as Max. Max was a man of wealth and influence, his fortune amassed through a multitude of ventures, some shadier than others. One of his most lucrative ventures was his exclusive collection of exotic and rare creatures, sourced from around the globe for his private menagerie.

Max was not a man who cared much for the ethics of his pursuits. His appetite for the unique and rare knew no bounds, and he often used underhand tactics to get what he wanted. Despite numerous allegations of illegal trafficking and unethical treatment of animals, he had always managed to slip through the grasp of the law, his wealth and influence creating a protective shield around him.

Max was not particularly interested in myths or folklore, but the story of a dragon and a magical stag piqued his interest. He saw a business opportunity, a chance to own something truly one-of-a-kind. The prospect of capturing a creature as legendary as a dragon was too tantalizing for him to ignore. For Max, the Emerald Canopy became a gold mine waiting to be plundered.

Cold and calculating, Max moved quickly. He employed a team of skilled hunters and trackers, equipped them with advanced technology, and set them loose into the forest. The once peaceful Emerald Canopy was now under attack, its tranquility shattered by the greed of one man.

Max was convinced that once he owned the dragon and the stag, his fame and fortune would multiply. Little did he realize the magnitude of the forces he was meddling with or the fierce opposition he was about to face in the form of Lyra, Mezereon, and Nerys.

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