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Mezereon & The Dragon | Backstory VII: Meet Lyra

Before her life in the Emerald Canopy, Lyra was a city girl. Born and raised in a bustling metropolis, she was the only child of two accomplished scientists. Her parents, both marine biologists, instilled in her a deep love for nature and the sciences from a young age. Their house was filled with books about the natural world, and stories of their expeditions became Lyra’s bedtime tales.

Despite her urban upbringing, Lyra felt a strange disconnect with city life. The concrete jungle seemed to stifle her, the noise and pollution suffocating her spirit. She yearned for green spaces, for the sound of rustling leaves and chirping birds, for the sight of starry skies unmarred by city lights.

Lyra was a regular visitor to the city’s natural history museum, spending countless hours marvelling at the displays of ancient creatures and their habitats. The exhibit that fascinated her the most was about mythical creatures, and among them, dragons held a special place in her heart.

When she was not immersed in her books or exploring the museum, she wrote. She penned tales of brave adventurers, mysterious creatures, and magical forests. Her stories were her escape, a world where she could breathe freely, away from the confines of the city.

After finishing her schooling, against the expectations of her city-dwelling peers, Lyra chose to study Natural Sciences at university, specializing in Terrestrial Ecology. Her passion and dedication led her to excel in her studies, catching the attention of her professors.

Upon her graduation, Lyra received an opportunity to work on a research project studying the unique ecology of the Emerald Canopy, a forest she had read about in her numerous books. The forest was known for its ancient history and unique biodiversity, but the recent observations of an unusual peace among its inhabitants intrigued the scientific community.

Eager to leave the city behind, Lyra embraced the opportunity. She packed her essentials: her field journal, a collection of her favourite pens, a compact camera, and some treasured books, before setting out for the Emerald Canopy. Little did she know, her life was about to take a magical turn as she was destined to cross paths with Mezereon and Nerys, and become the human bridge between their world and hers.

Lyra and Mezereon

Lyra and Mezereon

Lyra’s relationship with Mezereon is one of the central dynamics in the story of the Emerald Canopy. From their first encounter when Mezereon was just a small fawn, they’ve shared a deep bond that transcends the conventional understanding of human-animal relationships.

As Mezereon grew, so did their friendship. Lyra, despite her human origin, found herself sharing a deep empathy with the young stag. Mezereon, in return, saw in Lyra not a human, but a friend and guardian. Lyra taught him to trust, even after the initial apprehensions because of her being a human.

The bond between Lyra and Mezereon was nurtured by shared experiences, trust, and mutual respect. Lyra often found herself watching over Mezereon, guiding him when needed, and learning from him in return. She learned the subtle cues of the forest, the instincts that drive the creatures, and the delicate balance that maintains the harmony of the forest.

Meanwhile, Mezereon saw Lyra as a mentor and a trusted friend. The young stag found comfort in her presence, knowing that she wouldn’t harm him or any creature of the forest. Lyra’s lessons, often indirect and woven into their explorations, played a crucial role in shaping Mezereon’s understanding of leadership and his responsibility towards the Emerald Canopy.

Their relationship, however, wasn’t without its trials. When Lyra accidentally led the unscrupulous businessman, Max, to the Emerald Canopy, their bond was put to the test. However, it was this very bond that allowed Mezereon to forgive Lyra, understanding her regret and accepting her earnest efforts to make things right.

As new threats arise in the Emerald Canopy with the arrival of Dr. Solomon Thornfield and Gorgon, the depth and strength of Lyra and Mezereon’s relationship will be further explored. Their alliance and mutual trust will be vital in navigating the challenges that lie ahead, making their bond a key driving force in the unfolding narrative.

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