Mezereon and The Dragon

Mezereon & The Dragon: Lyra’s Betrayal

Lyra’s betrayal, although unintentional, came from a place of excitement and genuine fascination with the wonders of the Emerald Canopy, specifically her experiences with Mezereon and Nerys.

As she spent more time observing the unusual friendship between the stag and the dragon, she found it increasingly difficult to keep this wonderful secret to herself. After months of internal struggle, she decided to share a few carefully edited stories about a “young stag and his unlikely protector” with a close-knit online group of naturalists and myth enthusiasts.

The tales she shared were loved by the group. The stories of the stag’s courage and the protector’s wisdom resonated with the readers, their allegorical nature seen as a beautiful metaphor for the unity and harmony in nature.

However, one day, Lyra received an excited message from a fellow group member who claimed to have identified a potential location for the “mythical” Emerald Canopy based on the subtle details and geographical hints in her stories. This revelation alarmed Lyra, but she reassured herself that the location guess was likely incorrect, given how vague she had been with the details.

Unfortunately, word of this magical forest with its young stag and mythical protector spread beyond the confines of their group. A once obscure blog post by a member of the group caught the attention of an unscrupulous businessman known for his interest in acquiring rare and exotic creatures. He saw an opportunity in these tales and decided to find and capture the creatures in this story, convinced that they were more than mere allegory.

Within weeks, the Emerald Canopy was under threat. Men with machines and cages began to intrude into the depths of the forest. The peace was shattered, the animals fled in fear, and both Mezereon and Nerys found themselves in grave danger.

Lyra realized the catastrophic consequences of her well-intended but naive actions. The stories she had shared in admiration and respect had inadvertently put the very creatures she loved in danger. Filled with remorse, she knew she had to make things right and protect the Emerald Canopy from the havoc that was about to ensue. It was her responsibility to save Mezereon, Nerys, and the home she had grown to love.

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