The Coming Darkness - Mezereon and The Dragon

Mezereon & The Dragon VII: The Coming Darkness

The “coming darkness” in the prophecy refers to a period of turmoil, disruption, and discord that is destined to befall the Emerald Canopy. It symbolizes multiple facets:

  1. Imbalance: In the natural world, the “darkness” often signifies an imbalance in the ecosystem, which might arise from various factors. This could include an unchecked rise in predators, a sudden disease striking the flora and fauna, or perhaps even intrusions by humans that disrupt the peace and balance of the forest.
  2. Conflict: The darkness can also signify conflict among the inhabitants of the forest. This could be fights for territory, food shortages leading to aggressive behavior, or perhaps disagreements and divisions among different species, leading to unrest and violence.
  3. Fear: The coming darkness represents a time of fear and uncertainty. Just as darkness stirs fear in the hearts of many, this period will bring about insecurities and doubts among the creatures of the forest.
  4. Loss of Harmony: The darkness also symbolizes the loss of unity and harmony among the forest creatures. With the onset of challenging times, cooperation and peace among different species could deteriorate, leading to chaos.

The prophecy tells of Mezereon’s pivotal role in overcoming this darkness, uniting the inhabitants of the forest, and restoring balance. His journey, guided and protected by Nerys, the dragon, would lead him to confront these challenges, bringing light back into the forest.

This ‘darkness to light’ journey represents the growth of Mezereon, his transformation from a young, naive stag to a wise, courageous leader, and the enduring strength of his bond with Nerys.

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