The Prophecy - Mezereon and The Dragon

Mezereon & The Dragon I: The Prophecy

The prophecy was a tale as old as the Emerald Canopy itself. It was passed down through generations, sung by the ancient trees to the melody of the rustling leaves, and whispered by the bubbling streams. It was a legend that entwined the destiny of a dragon and a stag.

“From the heart of the emerald realm, a stag will rise. Young and pure, his spirit will echo through the woodlands, untouched by the ravages of time. By his side, a guardian from the skies, an emerald-sapphire flame, the dragon of old, will stand, their fates intertwined. Through trials and tribulation, their bond will hold, a beacon against the darkness. The stag shall grow under the dragon’s wing, courage his shield, wisdom his guide.”

The Prophecy - a young Mezereon in the Emerald Canopy

The prophecy held that the dragon would not only protect the stag but also guide him towards his destiny. It was told that the stag would possess an extraordinary spirit, one that could unite the creatures of the forest and restore harmony in times of chaos.

As Nerys watched over Mezereon, she knew the prophecy was unfolding before her eyes. Mezereon was no ordinary stag. His natural curiosity, his respect for the forest, and the strength he exhibited in the face of danger showed that he was the stag from the prophecy.

However, the prophecy also held a deeper significance. It spoke of a coming darkness that would befall the Emerald Canopy, a chaos that would disrupt the harmony of the forest. Mezereon, under the protection and guidance of Nerys, would be instrumental in facing this chaos, bringing peace back to the forest.

Though it was not explicitly stated in the prophecy, Nerys knew the danger they would face would test their bond and their strength. She knew that her role was not just to protect Mezereon, but also to prepare him for the formidable task ahead. The prophecy was not just a tale of destiny, but also a story of friendship, bravery, and wisdom. It was a journey that Nerys and Mezereon had to undertake together, strengthening their bond and nurturing the unity among the creatures of the forest.

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