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Mezereon & The Dragon | Backstory XI: Dr. Thornfield

Dr. Solomon Thornfield is a renowned but enigmatic archaeologist who has made a name for himself in the world of academia and beyond. Known for his deep interest in ancient legends, myths, and folklore, he’s dedicated his life to exploring and understanding the mysteries of the past.

Born into a family of scholars, Solomon was drawn to archaeology from a young age. He spent his childhood immersed in books and legends that spun tales of mythical creatures and lost civilizations. His insatiable thirst for knowledge led him to pursue a career that has been marked by numerous intriguing discoveries and adventures.

Solomon has a reputation for being able to unravel the most complex and obscure ancient texts. His ability to decipher old scripts and make connections between different myths and legends from various cultures around the world has made him a revered figure in the field.

However, his work is not without controversy. Some of his peers accuse him of being more of a myth chaser than a true archaeologist. Despite this criticism, Dr. Thornfield is undeterred in his pursuit of uncovering the truths hidden in the ancient tales.

When he stumbles upon whispers about a living dragon and a miraculous forest that closely match the descriptions in an ancient text he’s been studying, Solomon can’t help but be intrigued. Driven by his thirst for knowledge and a hunch that these rumours may hold more truth than fiction, he embarks on a journey to uncover the truth behind these stories.

Little does he know that his quest would lead him to the Emerald Canopy and to the heart of a prophecy that intertwines the fates of humans, a young stag, an ancient dragon, and a forest teeming with mystical creatures. His arrival marks the beginning of a new chapter in the tale of the Emerald Canopy, one that poses a threat to the harmony that Lyra, Mezereon, Nerys, and the forest creatures have fought hard to maintain.

Solomon Thornfield Travels

Solomon’s Travels

As Solomon embarks on his journey to the Emerald Canopy, he encounters several unexpected revelations that challenge not only his understanding of ancient legends but also his perception of the natural world.

The first significant discovery happens when Solomon stumbles upon an old, secluded village at the outskirts of the Emerald Canopy. He learns from the villagers about the myriad stories that surround the forest. Tales of unusual animal behaviours, strange occurrences, and unexplained phenomena that reinforce his belief in the existence of the mythical creatures detailed in his ancient text.

He starts studying the village’s history, uncovering tales passed down generations, about a dragon’s roar that echoed across the valley, a stag that led lost humans safely out of the forest, and the inexplicably lush greenery that thrived within the forest, regardless of the season or weather.

As he delves deeper, he uncovers an obscure legend of a great catastrophe prophesied to descend upon the forest, and the role a dragon and a young stag were destined to play in it. The narrative aligns eerily with the ancient text he’s been studying, further fueling his interest and belief in the existence of Nerys and Mezereon.

Venturing into the forest, Solomon experiences first-hand the uncanny aura of the Emerald Canopy. He observes the harmonious coexistence of the creatures within, the whispering leaves, and the resonating hum of the forest. His scientific mind battles with the mystic occurrences he experiences, leading him on a transformative journey.

But the most remarkable discovery comes when he inadvertently stumbles upon Nerys while exploring deeper parts of the forest. Encountering a creature he’d always believed to be a myth leaves Solomon in awe and fear, awakening a renewed determination to uncover the truth of the Emerald Canopy and its mythical inhabitants.

The journey of Dr. Solomon Thornfield presents a challenge to the harmonious life of the Emerald Canopy. His curiosity, while leading him to incredible discoveries, also threatens to disrupt the peace and unity Lyra, Mezereon, Nerys, and the forest creatures have painstakingly built.

Solomon meets Nerys

Solomon Discovers Nerys

Coming face-to-face with Nerys, the very creature he believed existed only in ancient texts and folklore, was a moment that turned Solomon’s world on its head. He had spent his life chasing myths, but standing before Nerys was a tangible manifestation of every legend he had ever pursued.

For a moment, Solomon was frozen, his breath stolen away by the sheer majesty of the dragon before him. Nerys, an embodiment of primal power and ancient wisdom, filled the clearing with a nearly palpable presence. Her scales shimmered, reflecting the dappled sunlight, and her eyes bore an intelligence that was uncannily human.

The awe was quickly replaced by a surge of fear. Despite her serene demeanour, Nerys was undeniably a creature of immense power. Solomon could feel the heat radiating from her, could see the sharpness of her claws, the deadly elegance of her form.

Yet, as he stood there, caught between the hammer of awe and the anvil of fear, a strange peace began to descend upon him. He found himself captivated by Nerys’s calm and tranquil demeanour. The dragon didn’t move to attack, only watched him with a gaze as old as time itself. There was an understanding in her eyes that fascinated and comforted Solomon.

His initial fear slowly ebbed away, replaced by a deep respect and a burning curiosity. His scholar’s mind raced with questions, possibilities, and the profound implications of this discovery. Solomon realized he was standing at the precipice of a new understanding of the world, a revelation that could change everything.

His fear turned into fascination, and with a deep breath, Solomon decided to embrace the journey he found himself on. The sight of Nerys solidified his resolve to uncover the truth behind the Emerald Canopy’s myths and legends, completely unaware of the disruptions his curiosity could cause in the delicate balance of the forest.

Nerys reaction to Solomon

Nerys’s Reaction to Solomon

Nerys was an ancient creature, wise beyond the years of any living being in the forest. Her long life had gifted her with a deep understanding of the world and its various inhabitants. However, human encounters were a rarity. Most humans feared the depths of the Emerald Canopy, holding in their hearts the tales passed down through generations about the forest and its mythical dragon protector. Solomon was different, though. His courage, curiosity, and the unmistakable air of respect he held for her kind were palpable, even from a distance.

When Solomon first stumbled upon her, Nerys was not entirely surprised. She had dreamt of a human, his eyes filled with curiosity, his spirit carrying the echo of the old world. She recognized the man from her dreams in Solomon. Yet, she remained cautious. Humans were known for their unpredictability, and though her dreams often foretold truths, she knew she had to tread carefully.

As Nerys watched Solomon from her tranquil gaze, she could sense his fear, which quickly turned into fascination. There was a sense of awe in his posture, a reverence in his gaze that she hadn’t seen in humans for centuries. This piqued her interest in him.

Despite her apprehensions, Nerys decided not to reveal herself completely. Her wisdom reminded her that fear was a powerful motivator in humans, and even though Solomon was not displaying aggression, the situation could easily change. She decided to observe him from a distance, learn about his intentions before making her next move.

Nerys’s encounter with Solomon left her with a sense of unease. His presence was not just a curiosity, but a harbinger of change, a disruption in the delicate balance she, Mezereon, Lyra, and the creatures of the Emerald Canopy had fought hard to establish. As the sun set on the day of their first encounter, Nerys knew she was standing on the brink of a new chapter in the forest’s long history.

Solomon What Happens Next

What happens next

Following his encounter with Nerys, Solomon’s life was forever changed. He had sought confirmation of myths and legends throughout his career, and now he had proof of the existence of one of the most awe-inspiring creatures in lore: a living, breathing dragon.

This revelation, however, was not without its dilemmas. He knew that revealing the existence of Nerys could lead to disastrous consequences, not only for the dragon and the Emerald Canopy but for the delicate equilibrium between humans and nature that Lyra and the forest creatures had struggled to maintain.

Still, his scientific curiosity propelled him forward. Solomon decided to remain in the outskirts of the forest, studying the Emerald Canopy from a distance. He took up residence in the old village he had previously discovered, immersing himself in further understanding the forest’s ecosystem, the unique behaviour of its creatures, and most importantly, the sightings and tales of Nerys.

He penned down his observations, drawing correlations between the villagers’ stories, the ancient texts he had studied, and his own experiences within the forest. His work was cautious and respectful, a testament to his admiration for the forest and its legendary inhabitants.

Meanwhile, Solomon’s arrival and continued presence did not go unnoticed by the human world. His prolonged stay and increasingly cryptic correspondences with his academic peers sparked curiosity. As whispers of his intriguing findings reached the ears of the ambitious and ruthless, the Emerald Canopy found itself on the precipice of renewed danger.

Unbeknownst to Solomon, his actions set in motion a chain of events that threatened to disrupt the peace of the forest once again. His journey marked the beginning of a new chapter in the tale of the Emerald Canopy, opening the door for new allies and adversaries to join the saga of Mezereon, Nerys, Lyra, and the myriad creatures that called the forest home.

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